Chestermere’s Angels-Community Kitchen

What started as a little project to teach my children about what really matters in life turned in to a life changing venture.  Chestermere’s Angels provides…

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Stardale Starbirds


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Needed Assistant Business Start Up

The Kgold Beauty Salon Furniture Supply is for-profit society that was designed to improve the quality of new individual  that willing to go into hair beauty salon or spa business that need some equipment to…

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  • 80 Days to Go

Lucrative Low Cost Yacht Business

We are very excited about our business model and are delighted to share our joy with you. Post economic crisis of 2008-2012 many travelers and vacationers are looking for economical ways to enjoy their free…

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Strathmore Sponsor-a-Family Project

Most of us look forward to Christmas as a time to relax, attend parties, visit family and spread cheer to the special…

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  • 17 Days to Go

Help the Mcgregor family achieve their dream!

Hello Everyone, Cutting edge is a family owned business that provides quality, handmade furniture and decor pieces. A lot of time, thought and energy goes into every piece we create, we work hand in hand with our customers making sure…

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The Silver Thimble Gang


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Chestermere Regional Food Bank & Christmas With Dignity!

LegUp.ca has launched an online silent auction at http://auctions.legup.ca/ where you can bid on amazing items with all proceeds going to the Chestermere Food Bank and Christmas With Dignity!…

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Chestermere Therapy Dogs Society

The Chestermere Therapy Dogs Society is a not-for-profit society that was designed to improve the quality of peoples’ lives by providing a positive connection with therapy dogs. A…

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Sarah in pile of dolls

Alberta Strong Doll

Alberta Strong Dolls were created by a ten-year-old girl, Sarah Dean Anderson, after seeing children and families trying to cope with the devastation of the Alberta Floods…

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